Cobb Agri are focused on soil nutrition. We start by making custom maps then by sampling over 4,000 fields each year, we can monitor and advise growers on soil status. Through our unique record keeping and customised recommendation software (based on RB209) we provide individual FACTS based fertiliser recommendations to suit the crop, soil and client.

We can provide GPS soil sampling, and regularly carry out leaf, manure, grain as well as soil sampling and surveys for clients to monitor and advise on sulphur and sodium levels plus a broad spectrum of other micro nutrients, soil structure and organic matter.

Once we have made and agreed appropriate recommendations we convert these into really useful application maps.  The records and data we supply clients will satisfy the various compliance requirements and assist in speedy and accurate applications with accurate documentation.

Our team work tirelessly to create nutrient management plans that both tailor to the needs of the crops and soil status whilst not overcomplicating applications with a huge range of products and rates.  There is a healthy balance to enable ease of workload, without compromising on yield or soil indices.

We are highly selective over the contractors we work with so that right from soil test through to recommendations, deliveries and spreading every step of the process is carried out by a consummate professional.

Our buying service has made considerable savings for many of our clients.  We focus on the market, monitoring it closely so that we can identify the best time to purchase the products you need, securing them at extremely competitive rates.  On one Nitrogen deal alone we saved one client over £80,000, just by timing their purchase right.

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