Cobb Agri is an agricultural merchant, focused on soil nutrition
and advice for growers to ensure soil fertility and quality.

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Our sole aim is to help you improve your soil so you achieve excellent yield and crop quality.

  • We help our clients grow over 130,000 hectares of arable, grassland, potatoes, maize and fruit.
  • Our bespoke nutrient recommendations by FACTS qualified advisers focus on selecting the right products¬† for your needs, balancing costs with efficiency and ease of spreading without compromising on necessary inputs to get you the best results
  • We supply a large range of fertilisers and specialist crop products for targeted inputs on a whole farm nutrient plan, and we advise on the best use of manures.¬† We use the best national and local hauliers plus contract spreaders to ensure prompt deliveries and accurate applications.
  • We monitor the markets closely and advise on buying strategy and timings for effective purchasing. We can source the right products for you, with well-timed deliveries for maximum efficiency.¬† Cobb Agri work within your budgets and our recommendations will be tailored just for you to consider ease of applications and any limitations on storage.
  • We are one of the largest independent agent for liquid fertiliser and also for Fibrophos.


Please contact us for further information. We want to help you grow.