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Cobb Agri has a wide-ranging market intelligence and considerable purchasing power which allow us to provide competitive pricing to our clients from the following suppliers:


Yara         Origin Fertilisers         FACTS                  Breedon Aggregates

Hatcher Fertilisers         Oliver Seeds

Thomas Bell & Sons Fertilisers         Effective Organisms         FIAS


“As a key national fertiliser distributor we have been supplying Hereford and surrounding counties for the past 25 years with Fibrophos PK Fertiliser.  Paul Cobb has been our senior advisor for that area throughout that period and the growth in sale has been impressive. We put that down to his in- depth knowledge of our product and his thorough  attention to detail when dealing with his customers. In fact we have cribbed some of his ideas and thoughts when dealing with other areas.

 He has an empathetic approach to all who he deals with whether it be supplier or customer which is a very important attribute in business and is no doubt the key reason for the high level of repeat business and customer satisfaction he achieves.”   Peter Hatcher For Fibrophos Ltd.  John Hatcher & Co Ltd